When you leave your home, no matter if it’s for a week or a year, you likely leave a key with a relative, friend, or neighbor. But what if that person is away themselves or a storm was on the way or some other complication? What if you didn’t feel safe with them in your home unattended or didn’t leave anyone with a key to begin with? It’s important that leaving a key to your home with a relative, friend, or neighbor is not your only option. A1A Home Watch and Concierge Services can hold your key for you.

As part of our keyholder services, we will:

  • Safely secure your key while your away
  • Meet contractors and service people at your home
  • Meet renters or visiting friends at your home
  • Accept deliveries
  • Respond to security alarms 24/7
  • Prepare for your arrival

Get the peace of mind that your home and keys are in good hands. Contact our experienced team to learn more about our keyholder services today.

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